Pastor Kendall's Bible Class

Wednesdays - 7 pm

Meets in the Auditorium

An adult discipleship class where Pastor Kendall will expound on his Sunday morning sermon topics. 

"Entering God's Presence"

Wednesdays - 7 pm

Meets in C1-D

Led by Barb Martin

ENTERING GOD'S PRESENCE - He desires daily fellowship with us. LIVING IN HIS KINGDOM - Christians live in His Kingdom here on earth providing us with blessings and responsibilities. EXERCISING HIS AUTHORITY - Romans 5:17 tells us we reign in this life by the grace given us through Christ. Supplemental materials: John Bevere, Robert Morris, Billye Brim, Charles Stanley, Miles Monroe, Kay Arthur, Terry Law. DVD's will be included. Required book: the Bible. No reservation needed. Childcare provided.


Fall & Spring Sessions

Meets for FOUR Sundays from 4:00-8:30 pm and includes a light dinner.

Grand Slam Christians consists of four classes (or bases in a baseball diamond) covering four different aspects of the Christian walk.  First base is required for membership at South Hills Assembly.  If you are serving or would like to serve in one of our ministries in the future, we encourage you to become a Grand Slam Christian by taking all of the bases. The class descriptions are:

  • 1st Base:  Experiencing God through Belonging to the Body of Christ (Fellowship)
  • 2nd Base:  Equipping the Believer (Discipleship & Ministry)
  • 3rd Base:  Discovering Commitment to our Mission (Evangelism)
  • Home Plate:  Exalting God (Worship)



Meets Saturdays from 1 to 4 pm by semester

Led by Pastor Rick Kardell

SEMESTER #1 (12 SESSIONS) BEGINS in september, 2017.  


ISOM is the world's largest video bible school training laborers for the end-time harvest. Cost is $65 for credit, but adults may monitor the class for free.  

This semester's teachers and topics are:  

  • Dr. T. L Osborn - The Christ Connection

  • Rev. Wayne Meyers - Living to Give

  • Rev. Dick Benjamin - Biblical Eldership

  • Rev. Willie George - Reaching A New Generation

  • Rev. Jim Wideman - Managing For Tomorrow

  • Rev. Blaine Bartel - Ministering To Youth

ISOM's main objective is to provide churches, ministries, missionaries and Christian believers with powerful, relevant tools to disciple people and to train leaders; to do everything possible to help lift up the hands of pastors and help make their lives and jobs easier.  


Meets for 10 Friday nights beginning in january.  

Class meets from 6 to 9:30 pm. 

there is No cost for this class.

Led by Pastor Rick Kardell

ALPHA is one of the most invigorating learning experiences built around a delicious free meal, an interesting video message with Nicky Gumble, and engaging discussion in small groups.  You will laugh, learn, and make new friends!  This is an excellent way to bring people to faith in Jesus Christ. All ages are welcome.  Dinner comes first, then children are dismissed to their own fun learning experience while adults watch the video and then break into small groups.  

For more information and to sign up, please contact Pastor Rick Kardell at Ext. 113.