I have always been a little bit of a history buff. What many people find boring, I find fascinating. I have always been intrigued by technology as well. So you can imagine how much I am intrigued by the history of technology. Technology is defined as the application of scientific knowledge for practical purposes, especially for industry. It’s the part of the definition that says, “for practical purposes" that captures my attention.

I am not really one who enjoys having knowledge for the sake of having knowledge. I want my knowledge to have a purpose. In other word I want to learn so I can make my life, the world, and the kingdom of God a better place. This is why I love the understanding of Technology. It serves a purpose. Technology is science being applied.

Before I continue any farther I just want to say that this article is not going to be about how great my Mac is (but for the record, it is really great). This article is more about understanding the value of technology and how we can use it to advance the kingdom of God. Let’s look at the year 1440. This is the year that Johannes Gutenberg invented the printing press. The printing press was a technology that truly changed the world. It allowed books to be printed in large quantities. Before this time, printing was a long hard process. You have probably heard of the Gutenberg Bible. The Gutenberg Bible was the first Bible that was mass printed. Gutenberg started working on it around 1450, and by 1455 there were between 160 and 180 copies printed. That may not seem like a lot by today’s standards, but during this day and age, no individuals had access to the Bible in their home. If fact, there were many churches that did not have a complete copy of the Bible. Now because of the printing press, the Bible became more accessible to everyone. Today, billions of people have access to the Word of God in many different languages, and it all started with the printing press

Today, we can even take the technology discussion a step further. Most of us have access to the Bible, in different translations right on our phone. And that brings me to my main point. The times. I’ve often wonder why people are so resistant to the use of technology in the church. But as I’ve gotten older I’ve come to have a better understanding. Technology is change. Every time technology advances things change. And at the core of our being, change is difficult. But we need to understand that using technology is very valuable to use in advancing the kingdom of God. Just like Johannes Gutenberg used the technology of the printing press to put the Bible into people’s hands, we can use modern technology to spread God’s love and God’s world to the people around us. But we must accept the fact that things will change.

For example, one of the technologies we are going to be utilizing is a pastoral blog. All of our pastors are going to be writing one. A blog is a place on the web where someone writes an article online, and there is opportunity for people to discuss the article in a type of open forum. The Blog will give you the opportunity to hear our hearts, and to respond to what we are writing. It will help us to establish a better community around South Hills Assembly. The blogs can also be shared on social media so that other people who do not attend our church can be impacted by our pastors as well. This is a great step forward in utilizing modern technology to advance the kingdom. Now here’s the big change.

Since we are moving to a blog, starting in September we will no longer be producing the Trumpet Newsletter. Moving from a newsletter to a blog will help us cut down on expenses, allow our pastors to concentrate on the benefits the blog allows, and it will help us expand our voice to the world. I know there are many who are a part of our church that don’t even own a computer. So for those that still like printing press technology over computer technology, we will be printing copies of the pastoral blogs for people to pick up at the Information Center.

Change isn’t always easy, but it is exciting. I am very excited about where God is taking South Hills Assembly. And I am very excited about how this blog will be a part of that. As we continue to utilize modern technology, we will continue to expand the Kingdom of God. And that is our ultimate goal.