Isn’t the awareness of God wonderful! If we only commit our way to Him, He truly directs our steps. The other day, I was scheduled to go with some of our pastors to a meeting, but God told me not to go. As the day unfolded, I found out why. Shortly after the pastors left, I received a phone call from a couple I had purchased rings for. The place was reputable, but the rings were not! They actually turned my friends’ fingers green! So, of course, we returned them for a refund and the Lord led me to take the couple to Red Lobster for lunch. What was God up to now? In came a lady in a motorized wheelchair, so before leaving, I wasn’t going to ignore an opportunity to get someone healed. I commented on the nice wheelchair and asked why she needed it. She said that she had Multiple Sclerosis. I told her about Wendy Lawson’s healing and went to my car to get one of Wendy’s CD’s. I was out, but I did have a copy of the Jubilee newspaper that I had just recently received and it had Wendy’s story in it! I also gave the woman a copy of my healing book and told her to go online and watch Wendy’s testimony on the 700 Club. Thank you Lord for ordering our steps and making them so exciting!