The children are finally asleep. You walk down the hall in complete darkness with the gusto of a stealthy ninja warrior, wary of any floor board that may make a sound, carefully planning each step through the gauntlet of toys you have to bypass in order to make it to freedom. Then all of a sudden, out of nowhere,

Comic Expressions.png

It happens. Your “ARCH” (see what I did there) Enemy has attacked!!!!

Let me ask you a question. Have you ever stepped on a Lego in the dark? You know when that razor sharp corner digs into the most delicate part of your foot. Lightning bolts shoot up your leg, it’s almost like the Legos are tiny robots that are “Feet Seeking” missiles. If you answered “YES” then you have a deep understanding of what the ultimate pain is!!! Sorry ladies, childbirth is not the #1 most painful thing that can happen; it’s actually #5 on the list. You can see the full list here in this excerpt from the Factual Opinions Magazine article titled “Things That Cause Pain and The Scale of Which to Compare It” (I am actually the creator and Editor-In-Chief of this magazine).

#5  Childbirth.

#4  A woman to a man who says that childbirth isn’t that painful.

#3  Getting mauled by a bear.

#2  Having and arm or leg bitten off by a shark.

#1  Stepping on a Lego in the dark (it’s proven that it is more painful in the dark).

This all could have been avoided if we just turn on a light. Isaiah 49:6 says “I will also make you a Light of the nations so that My Salvation may reach to the end of the earth.” When the light is on we can see and safely make passage through the darkened vortex of certain foot death. The same goes for our spiritual lives, when we spend time with GOD in our daily devotions to Him we can reflect a greater amount of Light from Jesus and we can more easily maneuver whatever darkness the world throws at us. The traps and snares of the enemy will be more visible and less likely to affect us. As we become a better reflector of the Light of Jesus we can guide others in darkness to the Amazing Grace of GOD our Father and the salvation through Jesus Christ.  

Darkness is not dark because there is no light. Darkness is dark because it has nothing to reflect the light. Spending that personal time with GOD by praying more, reading more, praising more, worshiping more and drawing closer to Him will make you a greater reflector of the Light of Jesus to show and guide all people out of the darkness and into His Marvelous Light!!


Pastor Tony