High-5s are awesome. There is just something about them that brings me much joy. Maybe it’s because I am a giant child at heart or maybe…there is something else to it!!! So I looked it up and here is what I found.

High-5s, give a certain amount of self-satisfaction, by increasing the Oxytocin levels, a hormone that increases the sensation of bonding and well-being, and also reduces the level of Alpha-amylase, which is a stress indicator.

So High-5s are actually good for you!!! They are so good that we should be high-5ing people all the time!!! How many people could we high-5 over a 30 day time period? Let’s start on day one and high-5 one person. On day 2 that one person high-5ed 2 people and on day 3 those 2 people high-5ed 2 people each. We are now at 4…

It looks something like this…

Day 1: 1
Day 2: 2
Day 3: 4
Day 4: 8
Day 5: 16
Day 6: 32
Day 7: 64
Day 8: 28
Day 9: 256
Day 10: 512
Day 11: 1024
Day 12: 2048
Day 13: 4096
Day 14: 8192
Day 15: 16384
Day 16: 32768
Day 17: 65536
Day 18: 131072
Day 19: 262144
Day 20: 524288
Day 21: 1048576
Day 22: 2097152
Day 23: 4194304
Day 24: 8388608
Day 25: 16777216
Day 26: 33554432
Day 27: 67108864
Day 28: 134217728
Day 29: 268435456
Day 30: 536870912 that’s Five hundred thirty-six million eight hundred seventy thousand nine hundred twelve High-5s in 30 days!!!!!

The High-5s are just a metaphor for impacting someone’s life for Jesus. Sharing your faith, doing something kind, inviting people to come to a church service or offering to pray for someone. Could you imagine if we did this, 536 Million people would be reached for Jesus in 30 days? But that is not where it stops. Jesus didn’t call us to only do this for 30 days. This is a lifelong quest that we have been sent on.

“WORLD CHANGERS.” This is a phrase that I use in Kids Church all the time. You become a world changer that day you ask Jesus into your heart and I am constantly reminding them of the calling that God has placed on each of our lives. The great commission, Matthew 28:19, says “Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.” God is telling us to go change the world!!!

Share your hope that you have. Share your faith in Jesus Christ. Share the love that you freely receive. Invite someone to church or small group.

High-5s help us feel a sense of bonding, well-being and they also relieve stress!!! How much greater is what our Lord Jesus offers us when we live a life after His?

Will you join me on this journey to Change the World through Jesus Christ?

Pastor Tony